"Wigs that look & feel better than your own hair"

“ It was a pleasure to visit you at the end of February, and I really appreciate the time you take to spend with me . I always look forward to seeing you (with your gorgeous smiles and wicked sense of humours). It makes me happy . Thank you for everything .You are amazing.”

“Dear Suzanne, Thank you for giving me dignity”
Love Margaret

“Thank you for all the help and encouragement I received in your salon.”

“To all at Suzanne’s ,I wanted to thank you for all your support and all the little extras you gave me. I wore the wig to a school show and it made me feel great. I had plenty of compliments”

 “ I just wanted to Thank you for all you help yesterday.It was great to meet you and so much fun. You both are so welcoming and generous.”

" What a wonderful person you are! Thank you so much for the beautiful wig and turban. The colour is almost identical to my original colour and the style really suits me…..I love it. I am sure your goodness will be rewarded and I wish you love ,happiness and good health.”

“Thank you for your kindness and all the praise and encouragement you have given me.”

" I would like to thank you very much for all that you have done for me.I wished I could comb my hair like you can, but I can’t.You are one of the nicest people I have ever met. I could not get over you ringing my sister to thank her, I have never met another business person who would do that.My cousin thinks you are a nice person also. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you”.

“ I have been wanting to send this to you for awhile to thank you and as a symbol of what you have meant to me. I tell everyone who wants to know, about how I came to have my wig that ‘I met an Angel’.Truly you have been heaven sent to ease and carry distressed women through the process of losing their hair while dancing with cancer. I love my wig and wear it heaps! There really are no words to fully express how grateful I am that I met you .Your wig puts a smile on my face everyday”.

“ Many thanks for your professional help for my lovely wig. People love it on me and I feel and look so much better now”

“Thank you for all your kindness and for making a real difference to me this year. I greatly appreciate it”.

“Dear Suzanne, Thank you so much for agreeing to fix my wig at no extra expense after I damaged it recently while I was holidays. I have to say ,your service is second to none. I would know as I have been wearing wigs for over 43 years and never has anyone cared as much as you and offered a free service. Thank you, Thank you ,Thankyou”

“Just a short note to say “Thank You” very much for all the help and encouragement (and humour) you have given me over the last few months. You’ve made a very difficult time for me a lot easier to manage. At least I can show a good face to the world knowing my “crowning glory” looks so good. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into making me feel “right”.

"Thankyou so much for making Rhonda’s wig- fitting such a pleasure-able experience for her. You made us feel so comfortable and at ease under stressful
times. Thankyou for your compassion & generosity of spirit”.

“Our highest gratitude & appreciation, we are so grateful for your support”

“ Thankyou so much for your kindness to me.I really appreciate the wig.”

“The wig is great ,a nursing sister in chemo was asking how come my hair hadn’t fallen out, I told her it had and I was wearing a wig and she couldn’t believe
it, she said in 20 years it was the best one she had ever seen.”

“ Thankyou for your care, kindness, and great styling expertise shown to our patients”
Iresha - Oncology Dept, St Vincents Hospital

“ Thankyou for all your continued support.”
Cancer Support Centre, Cancer Council .NSW

“ Thankyou so much for all your help with my wig/hair.I have appreciated so much kindness and expert advice in coping with hair loss! What a pleasant atmosphere and what a beautiful coffee. A bright spot in a year of medical experiences.”

“ Thankyou very much for the beautiful wig that helped me to get through my harshest time more cheerfully.”

“ Thanks for your service throughout the year and your many phone calls. The wig is great, some people have even thought that I hadn’t lost my hair yet. I haven’t had any trouble with the wig and I wear it everyday. It has made me feel “normal” when so much is chaotic and out of my control.”

“ Thank you for all your support again!”
Michelle - St Vincents & Mater Health, Sydney

“ Many thanks for all your help and encouragement.”

” Thanks for fitting men with the perfect wig. It fits very well and all my Doctors and Nurses complemented me on how well it looks. They told me that it looks exactly like my real hair , although I tell them that I think it looks better than my real hair! Most of all, thank you for the wonderful experience we had during our visits to your shop. You treated us with such sensitivity , dignity and patience. We felt very comfortable and safe in your hands. You sincerity and kindness will always be treasured and remembered by us.”

“ Just a small note to thank you for all you help with finding me a new wig, colouring and making it smaller. I really do appreciate all your help even though I don’t show it and make you stays hell.
I am not the best customer, so I hope you will always be so kind to me in the future because it doesn’t go unnoticed.”

“ Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and sensitivity during what has been a very challenging year for us."

“Thankyou so much again for making the special trip on my wedding day just to fix my wig and make me feel very special.”

“ Thank you for taking such good care of our patients every year.”
Pat - Radiotherapy, Mater Hospital

“ Thank you for all the confidence and laughter you have given me at such a traumatic time. Keep up the wonderful work.”

“ Thank you so much Suzanne for all your wonderful help and support you continually give to us and our patients."
Sushma & Team - Blacktown Oncology

“ Thank you so much for the beautiful turban with the hair attached. No one has ever been so caring and giving as you . I could not believe you would give it to me without charging me. This truly shows your kind nature.”

“ I just wanted to say thank for the fantastic personal service you gave my mother. Just to see the change in mum’s confidence when she is out in public makes all the family very happy.”

“ I want to thank you for who you are- a very caring, fun loving person. You’re a people person & you are very special . You have great style, great humour & along with the fantastic service , you care.”

“ Thank you very much for always being there for me.”

“ The wig is A1!”

“ We would like to Thank you for your incredibly generous gift of the wig for my 6 year old daughter who you saw in hospital. She thinks it is wonderful.”

“ Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness. I am overwhelmed by your kindness.”

“ Thank you. The world is a beautiful place with people like you here.”

“ On behalf of the team here at the Help Line , I wish to Thank you for all your support and care whenever we have contacted you about patients.”

“ Thank you most sincerely for your continuing generous help to me.I really appreciate it.”

“ Thank you for all your help, dedication and love.”

“ Thanks so much for such a fabulous wig and great service.”

“You were both so kind and supportive when I needed the wig and shaving my head. I found the wig very easy to manage and comfortable to wear.I never had a bad hair day with it. (So there was a silver lining there) “

“ On Behalf of the team here at Helpline , I wish to thank you for your generosity and support.”
Cancer Council Helpline Vic

“Thank you so much for your compassion, comfort and support on my recent visit to the Parramatta Office.”

” I can’t thank you enough for the lovely turban you sent me for my special friend. She was so thrilled and delighted when it arrived and she loved the colour.”

” Thank you for your help and understanding during what was a difficult time for my mother. Your kindness is very much appreciated.”

“ Thank you for your support and on behalf of everyone here and everywhere involved in the continued fight against cancer.”
Cancer Council Brisbane

“Thank you for your kind thoughts . I would like to like to return the compliment back to you . Your help has been so much appreciated.”

“ Thankyou for all your wonderful support throughout the year.”
Lydia, Sydney Cancer Centre

“ My daughter and my Professor both approved of my wig which is high praise considering they think they are experts.”

“ My hair has grown back thanks for all your help and support.”

” Just wanted to say Thank you for such a nice get together and a delicious luncheon at your Workshop. It was indeed a lovely day”

“ I owe you so much , your kind attention and generosity have really boosted my self esteem and confidence over the years. I will always be grateful .”

“ Thank you so much for the wig. I have been waiting for this day since I lost my hair. Thank you for making my life beautiful and brighter.”

“Thank you so much in helping me “Cope” last Saturday , and Thank you for the wig, you choose for me!”

“ Many, many thanks for your care, support and professionalism through this difficult process of losing my hair and having to wear a wig . Many blessings have come from the experience of cancer, chemotherapy and all the repercussions of such a life threatening illness. I know , I will emerge a better person. You have contributed to my positive outlook.”

“ I just had to pass on my grateful thanks to the girls ,who helped my daughter and myself enormously when we visited your suite on Tuesday. She was quite despondent when we arrived and after spending time with the girls ,she left feeling much more positive . You are all wonderful, not only professional , but compassionate as well.  I have sung your praises to everyone as I work at St Vincents Hospital in Oncology.”

“ I can never thank you enough for all that you have done for me this year when I needed it most .You truly are a gem.”

“ I thank you and your staff for your patience of your work in creating a wig that would fit me properly.”

 “When I told you I had changed my life,I was very serious.I feel like a new person and I am so very grateful to you. I want to honour your amazing expertise Suzanne and that of your beautiful ladies. I want to thank you also so much for the wonderful service and sincere care that you also showed me. You are wonderfull!! I’ll be back.”

“Thank you for all of your support and participation on Pink Ribbon Day at the Epworth Hospital.We appreciate all the effort you made.”
Andrea & Sara - Epworth Hospital Pink Ribbon Day

“Just to thank you for being so very welcoming and helpful everytime we visit you. Each has been a pleasant (and often amusing)experience .Your ladies are also delightful and really know how to look after your clients (good cappuccino’s).”

“ Thankyou you for always taking such good care of our daughter’s hair!”

“Thank you for the wig you made me it has been very successful.”

“ Thank you for your overwhelming generosity.”
Dr Crea

“ Thanks for your help , co-operation and patience."

“ I think of you quite often, despite our short acquaintance- your strong, kind personality made quite an impression.”