"Wigs that look & feel better than your own hair"

Together with Jacquelyn, Suzanne's Wigs has Australia's most natural range of wigs and hairpieces which will give you back the loss of confidence always associated with medical hair loss.

Suzanne and her staff know and understand that one of your first concerns at medical hair loss is the immediate wish to feel better. This means relieving the self-doubt and apprehension caused by hair loss and wanting to feel and look more like yourself again as quickly as possible.

With our natural attachment services, Suzanne's can guarantee that your new hair will look 100% completely natural in colour, texture and style.

Suzanne's can directly match your own colour and style or give you a special new colour and look, if that's what you wish for your changing medical health needs.

From the moment you enter Suzanne's Wigs for your private consultation you will feel at ease. Our professional services include a confidential one-on-one consultation during which we assist you in determining the best hair replacement solution for you.

When the choice is made Suzanne's Wigs fit, style and instruct you about your new wig. This will help you to feel more comfortable and confident with the easy care and wear factors of your new hair.

Suzanne's unique customer care doesn't stop there as expert help on any matter, is just an email, phone call or visit away.

With many years of industry service Suzanne's Wigs knowledge of hair loss is second to none. Every customer benefits from our advanced materials, exceptional services and personalised attention to your own individual needs and requirements.

Feeling better begins from the very first visit...  ONLY YOU WILL KNOW THAT IT ISN'T YOUR OWN HAIR!

A Suzanne Wig is also the perfect solution for fine, weak or thinning hair which can increase as we age.


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