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As a rule of thumb, a wig should be washed after every 12-15 wears during spring and summer months and after six to eight wears in autumn and winter. Seasonal contributing conditions such as air quality and humidity factors all add to the frequency of washing required similarly to your own hair.

Synthetic Hair / Blend / Human Hair Washing Instructions

Synthetic Hair
Hold the wig the way it falls and wet thoroughly with cold water inside and out.Turn the wig inside out and apply shampoo to the inside and slightly massage all over .If it foams up you do not need
to wash again, if it doesn’t apply shampoo and do it again.(N.B Be careful as not to bend the wire in the ears)
Turn the wig back to the original way and apply more shampoo if needed and gently massage in in downward strokes. (N.B do not rub in round circular movements as it will knot and will cause
Rinse thoroughly and and squeeze excess moisture out with a towel .
Apply the spray conditioner all over and then apply the mink oil to your hands and finger through all over.
As a wig gets older you do need to increase the amount of these products you use.
Then brush, using your vent brush out from the wig (not against the wig) and style the way you want the wig to dry and place on the Stand .
N.B When the wig dries if you need to put more oil of the end you do know.
The spray conditioner and the oils need to be applied every second day if you wear the wig everyday.

If you need to dry the inside of the wig quickly you can use cold air on the inside only.

Blended Hair / Human Hair

Follow the same above instructions with the extra addition that you condition the hair using a heavier conditioner. This conditioner only gets applied to mid lengths and the ends only.
Comb and rinse out etc.
The Human Hair is the only one that heat can be used on, But we advise to let it dry naturally as possible before styling.
When purchasing a wig from Suzanne’s Wigs you will be shown what is the correct way to wash and style your wig.

Always keep your own hair clean when wearing your wig to reduce washing frequency and provide for a comfortable wear base.

Before washing, brush all straight styles gently but completely with a wire or plastic brush with knobs on it. Brush all curly styles lightly with a vent brush or 'pick' keeping the curls intact as you go.

For curly hairstyles, lightly hand squeeze curls whilst the wig is still wet.

For all other styles, gently towel-dab the wig to remove any excess wet. Then place the wig on a clean dry towel and allow the air to circulate naturally for a perfect dry. DO NOT COMB OR BRUSH THE WIG UNLESS YOU ARE COMPLETELY RESTYLING IT. ALSO DO NOT DRY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. After the wig is fully dry, shake out and style.

ALWAYS place your wig back on a wig stand when not in use.


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