"Wigs that look & feel better than your own hair"

Suzanne’s Wigs opened its doors in 1989. After many years at the top end of the hair care industry in Australia specialising in Wigs, Suzanne started her business after identifying the growing need for a superior lifestyle wig or hairpiece for people suffering from the effects of chemo-therapy, alopecia and other conditions resulting in dramatic or gradual hair-loss as well as a superior fashion product.

In Suzanne’s eyes, they were one in the same as anyone finding themselves needing a hair piece for medical or other related conditions deserved nothing less than a superior product.
For this reason, after working with almost every known brand of wig, Suzanne had settled on the one and only wig in the world that could offer the style, versatility, comfort, quality and range that she felt people suffering these conditions deserved: Jacquelyn Wigs. Hence the tag line used by Suzanne’s Wigs from the very first day “a wig that looks and feels better than your own hair”.
In addition to being the only company in Australasia offering the most sought-after wigs in the world, what has always brought people to Suzanne’s Wigs is the dedication and service shown to every one of Suzanne’s customers. Suzanne has always been driven by one goal, to have each customer who comes to visit, leave feeling better and more positive about how they look as well as how they feel. It’s the kind of care and commitment to each individual that Suzanne’s wigs have always displayed.

There are many “like services offered by other companies these days that Suzanne’s offered from day one. Suzanne’s were the first to:
• Offer home and hospital visits at no cost
• Free of charge servicing for all wigs purchased from Suzanne’s
• Offer personal fitting and styling for every wig to a customer expectation
• The first to design the “fringe turban” which have always been provided as complimentary value add and free of charge
• Provide any customers undergoing chemo an across the board discount on the entire range of wigs


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